Germany Student Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Process to get a Germany student visa

You can find out whether your nationality needs a visa, residence permit, or both, by contacting your nearest German consulate.

The Germany student visa application cost is between €60-€75.

Germany national student visa

When applying for a visa to study in Germany you will need to follow these steps:

1. Receive a letter of confirmation from a German higher education institution

2. Fill in an online or paper application form with your personal information (this depends on the country you are applying from)

3. Gather the required documentation, including proof of finances and English proficiency

4. Set up a visa appointment if necessary at your local embassy or consulate

5. Attend your interview and present any documents

6. Receive a decision on your visa

7. Register at a registration office before your visa expires

Student applicant visa for Germany

This is a type of visa available to some prospective students that can be used to travel to Germany whilst searching for a university program to enroll on. It provides you with a visa for a three-month stay whilst going through the admissions process and can be extended if required.

If you receive confirmation of admission you can then convert the applicant visa into a student visa or residence permit.

Germany student visa requirements

When applying for a visa to study in Germany, you may need to have the following documentation ready to upload or show at your visa interview:

– Completed application forms

– Proof of English proficiency

– University letter of confirmation

– Academic records and transcripts

– Passport / ID

– Any previous Germany permits and visas if relevant

– Blocked bank account with sufficient funds to support yourself

Blocked bank account

You may be asked to present information from a blocked bank account, which is for visa / residence permit applicants to display their funds to authorities and show they can support themselves while in the country.

To get a blocked bank account you must open when you have received confirmation of admission to your chosen university. Fintiba is the most popular company to offer this type of account and generally needs 10,236 placed into the account to cover a 12 month period in Germany. This is then given back to the owner on a monthly basis.

When you are dealing with large amounts of money, beware of any scams targeting international students by researching how a company like Fintiba will legitimately contact you. 

Germany student visa work permit

A work permit is not required in addition to a student visa. Students are permitted to work part-time in Germany on their student visa or residence permit as long as it does not exceed 120 days or 240 half days a year.

Students from the EU can work up to 20 hours per week.                                         


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