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Our mission is to make international education simple and affordable for students all over the world. We are a vibrant group of study abroad enthusiasts looking to increase access to international schools, study abroad resources, and build a global community of international students.


Our Story

Schooloutside was conceived in 2017 when the founder started giving tutorials on IELTS through Facebook and WhatsApp groups. This soon gained widespread traction as many successes stemmed from the class. After which, the founder propagated into even offering educational packages that were strategic to the ultimate aim for each client as they sought towards migration. He also provided educational resources to help people learn about the countries and regions they were visiting. And, he offered advice on how to make the most of their travels. Schooloutside quickly became a success. People from all over Nigeria now uses the Schooloutside’s services to explore the world and gain knowledge.


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Send an email to for general inquiries.

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Go to the Schooloutside community forum to engage with other international students.

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Visit the Schooloutside resources section for blog posts on various study abroad topics.


Gain strategized opportunities through schooling outside

Our aim is to help you achieve your educational objectives. On Schooloutside, you may select schools and programs, get accepted, apply for visas, and be matched with the ideal location for you. By using Schooloutside, you may eliminate the difficulty of applying to any post-secondary institution globally.


What we believe in

Regardless of citizenship, region, status, ethnicity, or gender, we think everyone should have access to a high-quality education. For this reason, we offer students free consultation, discounted class training, and admission processing.

Highly Responsive
Our team is there at your beck and call in responding to your inquiries and providing you solutions as quick as possible
Free Consultation
We provide personalized advice and support to ensure that you get accepted into the university of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!
Access to Institutions
With Schooloutside, you can apply to numerous schools at the same time while tracking your applications in one place.
Applying and following-up can be a huge hassle to deal with when seeking to school overseas. Now, with Schooloutside the burden is taken from you

Find your perfect school

Make your educational goals a reality. Find schools & programs, gain admission, apply for visas and tie the knot with the best place for you. Take the hassle out of applying to any secondary and post-secondary institution anywhere in the world, by leveraging our proprietary study abroad platform Schooloutside.

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